Comte AOP, most popular French cheese in the world

Comte AOP, most popular French cheese in the world

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Comté AOP Cheese

Comté AOP Cheese is a must-have on any cheese platter. It is one of France's and the world's best cheese. It's nutty, smoothly, salty, subtle, and leaves an incredible aftertaste. It goes amazingly with wine, but it also goes well on its own, with a bit of bread and butter. This aged Comté Cheese is an absolute treat.

In my experience, 9 out of 10 people who try it love it!

Most people love it. In a world where people disagree on everything, COMTE brings people together. 
If you like Cheddar, you'll LOVE COMTE. Once you try it, you'll understand why this is one of the most famous French cheese.
We are excited to bring with world-class COMTE for home delivery to Brisbane, Gold coast, and Queensland.

Unfortunately, cheeses are ONLY available for home delivery. To ensure the quality and refrigeration is maintained.


Comte is a type of Gruyere, similar to the large mountain cheeses made in the Alps. It's on the borders of France and Switzerland. To heat the copper cauldrons of cheese curd, timber was once used as fuel and cheeses made at small dairies are known as fruitieres in the Jura. 

We select all of our Comte from affineurs , who's matures the young wheels under a cold maturation system at 1,100 meters in the old underground.

Rich in the milk of the Montbéliard cows that graze the natural mountains pastures. The care, know-how of the cheesemaker, and the expert affinage  are fundamental to such rare cheese.